Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is precisely those marks, along with the change in colour that makes it unique. These wallets are different to others in our collection in that they have their own charm. The leather on this model has a natural finish and is largely untreated to maintain its original, authentic appearance.  
You can store unfolded notes up to the size of 50€ (140 mm), introducing and removing them easily without the need to fold them. You can also store any note that exceeds these dimensions either unfolded, (you’ll notice a slight crease in the centre of the note) or by folding them. Whatever works for you. The wallets have been designed in this way to make them as small as possible and comfortable enough to carry with you at all times.
We recommend storing up to 10 cards; 2 in each outside compartment and 3 in each on the inside. If you really need to, you can always add more to each compartment. Just remember though, the more cards you carry, the heavier and bulkier your ROIK will become. Take a look at our tips on Freeing up some pocket space.
You can comfortably carry up to 10 notes. If you are lucky enough to need more space than that, we’d suggested having more than one ROIK in your life.
If this happens, leave the wallet in your pocket for a few minutes and you’ll see that the notes will adapt to the shape in no time. The more you use the wallet, the more it with get used to you - and your pockets.
Yes, all our wallets come with a 3-year guarantee. This is assuming that the wallet has been used correctly and under normal circumstances. The guarantee covers any type of factory or material fault but doesn’t include misuse or unnecessary changes made to the product. Please note that leather is a natural material and as such can develop small imperfections once used. This would not be considered to be a defect.
First, let us say how delighted we are that you’d opt for more than one ROIK. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to change an order that you’ve already made. You’ll need to place another one, but remember, the delivery costs are already included in the price so there’ll be no need for you to pay any additional charges.
We’re sorry to hear this - and your pocket will be sad too - but we still want to be friends. This is why we offer a simple cancellation and refund policy at no additional cost. Get in touch with us straight away on email or via our online Contact form .
Once we receive your order, we set the wheels in motion so that you’ll get your ROIK as soon as possible. So if you do need to change something, let us know straight away by sending us an email or via our online contact form.
We take care with every little detail so we’re really sorry if something’s not right. Send an email to support@myroik.comor send us a message via our online contact form and we’ll take you through the next steps. If you could send us photos it would make things much easier. Remember that you have a window of 14 days, from receipt of the product, to contact us. The wallet needs to be in the same condition as when we sent it out to you, for us to resolve the issue without the need to add any additional charges.