Our wallets are designed by our team, who are vastly-experienced in the leather industry. They have combined design, engineering and skill to bring out the best in every aspect - right down to the last millimetre - finding the right balance of size, practicality and design.

Each wallet is expertly handmade by specialists in Ubrique, in the Spanish province of Cádiz. In this town of under 20,000 inhabitants, the craft has been handed down from generation to generation over centuries. Such is the quality of the goods produced here, that many large, prestigious brands decided some time ago to produce their own goods here.


Natural Look

Our Natural look leather is largely untreated to maintain its original look. You’ll notice that over time and after constant contact, the leather may fade and take on a unique appearance.

Smooth Look

Our Smooth look leather maintains its original appearance for longer, without losing its natural character.


Organically made, using largely untreated leather, it will be a reminder of the adventures you’ve had together.

Carteras de piel ROIK


Minimally designed with a sprinkling of personality. Made to go with you whatever the situation, adapting to your hectic lifestyle.

Carteras de piel ROIK


Designed to be in harmony with your style as you make your way around the city.

Carteras de piel ROIK